I ask forgiveness again for missing last weeks post, between figuring out whether we should fly back to Ontario, or drive back, searching real estate listings for farms, and trying to set up the new web sites for the American Preppers Network, I just have been to busy to even think straight.


One of the things I have tried to do in preparing for disaster was to pick things we would use if there was not an emergency. This includes such things as coffee, tea, sugar, rice, and vegetable oil. One of the things I have not done, is to rotate the stocks, until the last week. We have two shelves of canned goods that are garbage, and coffee that needs to tossed as well. I haven't even gone through the other shelves yet, and I already see it coming. We have almost nothing in the storage that we can use in the event of an emergency. Part of the reason, or excuse I could honestly say, is that the plan to move to the farm has taken over our lives, and it just didn't seem to be the best plan to restock the food reserves and end up shipping all of it to the farm. So I let it slack.

We've also somehow got into the habit of buying only a limit amount of groceries from month to month. So I've found myself in a situation where if we are short on funds, we are also short with food, which leads to going out and getting something for that night's dinner or what not.


Buying dinner, is not the same as buying groceries, it costs more because first off your not planning ahead, and your not looking for deals. Your also not buying in bulk. Which leads to it not only costing more, but you find yourself with even less money then the month before, which leads to … you get the idea.


In other words, in the attempt to get to the point where we are off the grid, and on a farm which we can successfully grow our own food, we have put ourselves in exactly the same position we are fighting and warning against.


It's called target fixating, you spend so much energy on getting something done that everything else takes a backseat.


Therefore I have come to the conclusion that the root to all this was indecisiveness on the dates for each step along the way, and very poor planning on how to get each step done.


So, that leads to getting things done, and setting dates for everything on the list of to dos, in other words set deadlines.





Lesson Learned: Having a plan is useless unless you have check points along the way to make sure the plan is working.



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