Even though I still have doubts about the Swine Flu being a TEOTWAWKI, I started looking into a source for Oseltamivir Phosphate, otherwise known as Tamiflu. It is a prescription drug, however it can also be used to treat the Parvovirus in dogs, therefore any vet can get their hands on it. However, after spending a few hours on Google looking for veterinary suppliers within British Columbia, as well as related searches I came up blank. Most drug related veterinary supplies are handled by regular pharmacies here, which translates to no prescription, no access.

I thought about using some of my old skills within the realm of social engineering to get the supplies I needed for the medical survival kit, but it also occurred to me that there might also be a host of other things that I might have a problem getting. In a former kit I had managed to acquire a supply of Lidocaine which was reserved for emergency dental work. But the method used to get it was risky, something I was hoping to avoid by going to a drug supply company for vets.


Most other survivalist blogs and resources still mention getting such items via the local veterinary hospital, which is only really a slim possibility if you own a farm. In reality, the pharmacy supply chain is controlled from top to bottom, and regulated to the point of being insane.


Making most pharmacy grade medications from scratch, or finding viable 'natural' alternatives is just not realistic as a choice, so I am left to the black market, online risky pharmacies, or choice number three.


Choice number three relates to a rule I have as an information broker, I have learned that anything you want to do 'illegally' has a legal version out there somewhere. Becoming a Pharmacist is beyond the time I currently want to put into the project, however LLC type companies can be set up to have a legal 'persona' which would allow them to order in bulk anything that any other company could. For example, if I create an LLC that is in the drug import/export business I should be able to skim off the top anything I could need for my kits, without drawing to much attention. I guess some law enforcement officers would look at this as some form of front type business, which would be illegal if done in most of the western world. But that doesn't mean I can't set the same thing up somewhere else.


Which brings me to my other rule I use s an information broker. Whatever you can think of, someone else likely has. And finally, even if it is legal, that wouldn't stop the UsofA from ruining your life.


Choice three boils down to a lot of money, and time, something I just don't have either of.


Putting this into perspective it occurred to me that there is one other option, leave Canada. I have just finished reading Neil Strauss' Emergency and there is a lot of sound ideas within those pages. There are two problems I foresee with bugging out of the Western World.


First, I'm not one to leave at the last minute. I'd rather, and actually believe it to be better, that living day to day as self-sufficient as possible is better. That means instead of bugging out of the city WTSHTF, I'd rather be on the farm now.


Second, there are limited places where one could go to to meet your current needs, St Kitts, Turks and Cairo, and a few others could meet your current needs, but how do I start a farm in such a place? Getting a Visa-Free passport to such places is not an issue for me, but returning to Canada for visits to family would be problematic.


I finally figured out that the only way to get the medical kit finished is to get some help.

Networking is something that I lack a lot of skills in, but I have recently started working on it. And now, as a result of being unable to finish the medical kits, I'm prioritizing the list of people I am looking for, medical professionals are now at the top of the list.


- Wolfe



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