Guest Post Guidelines
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Guest Post Guidelines:

I am the editor and web-master of several sites, and it is likely that you have come to this page because you have requested to post as a guest on one of the sites that I am in control of.

Publishing guest posts sometimes creates more work then they are worth, so here are some guidelines to get the post approved. (LAST MODIFIED: Sep 13, 2017 @ 11:46 am )

As long as you follow the spirit of what is written below you will likely be published.

These guidelines apply to all the sites (see list below):

  1. No drug paraphernalia. Not in content, not in links. PERIOD NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. No Conspiracy Posts. None of the sites I work on allow them. It’s as simple as that.
  3. No Info-graphics as a stand alone guest post.
  4. No Political Posts.
  5. No Religious Posts. We recognize that a lot of Preppers are Mormon, Evangelical etc. And that those beliefs are in a lot of ways in-line with the Preppers movement. But there are other beliefs which are not, and in a lot of ways opposed to the mind set of self-reliance and independent thought. We can not accept one with out being forced to accepted the other, so we reject both. Sorry.
  6. USA English Spelling and grammar. Yes, I know that Wolfe’s Blog has a lot of UK or Canadian based spelling and format, do as I say not as I do.
  7. All posts must be related to the topics and categories that already exist on the site the guest post will be published on. No exceptions. For American Preppers Network this means posts about preparedness, homesteading etc are allowed, but not posts about hockey. Private lock posts must be about privacy, the rest of the sites follow suite.
  8. We allow embedded affiliate links, and other links within the post on two conditions. First they can not have a crappy Spam score, the simplest way to find out is to search for the main domain like on Google, if there are no results, no link allowed. Second some of the sites use Google Adsense, there is a limit to the number that are allowed on a page, so we just reject those in posts to avoid a conflict with Google’s TOS.
  9. Every post must have an author Bio. You can link to your site in the Bio, please read How to Write an Author Bio That Doesn’t Suck we do not charge for author Bio links. (Note: Please submit the Author Bio everytime you submit a post because my memory sucks and I’ll mix them up)
  10. We use Gravatar in the author Bio. Please register your email address the author uses to them with a Bio picture. Pen names are allowed. (This now only applies to logged in authors)
  11. If the article is obvious native advertising content for a business or company then we can negotiate the rates with them. No expiration. If the article is not an article, but a full page advertisement or promotion, then we’ll charge.
  12. Articles must be accurate and not make false claims. References are preferred as footnote links.
  13. Articles must not be plagiarized or copied from another site. Content must be unique. This applies to ALL sites, even Wolfe’s Blog (Updated April 15th 2017)
  14. The Article / Post will be published in a timely manner, schedules for guest posts are on a per site basis, please see site list below for more details.
  15. Some sites have special formats for certain content. For example, Wolfe’s Blog has a movie and book review system, access to these are only given if the author has already published a few articles on the site that have met all the above. Affiliate links within these types of posts are also allowed.
  16. HTML format. This just makes it easier to publish, if you don’t send me the HTML format of a post, it will still get published if approved, but it might take longer to happen. I also need to add the _blank to the links so they open in a tab/window. (Simple way, save your word document as SAVE AS … HTML)
  17. If you can, we like it when the author takes the time to find a copyfree image to go with the post as a featured image. Related to the post of course.
  18. Just one more thing, if you want your site added to Wolfe’s Bookmarks (which get published to social media automatically), you have to mention it, and it has to be a link related to the topic list on Wolfe’s blog. I do not automatically add links to the bookmarking system, it has to be requested.

Update for Submissions Guest Posts: (August 20th 2017)

I get over 5,000 emails everyday. So a lot of requests for guest posts get lost, I have change the method to avoid this problem. Each site that accepts guest posts now accepts them via a form on site. You can find the links to these forms below, and a secret word to use in the form. You need the secret word or your post will be ignored. The changed as often as these guidelines are updated. So if the guidelines have been changed the secret word changes forcing guest authors to read this page.


We now allow Amazon affiliate links (up to 3) inside guest posts on all the sites listed below. In order to do this we create an author based short code which looks like [sc name=”guestpost_Author_Name_1″] please keep track of these short codes for future posts and what they link to, for example; if the short code links to “Emergency Food Storage” search on Amazon, use that short code in future guest posts on the same topic. If you want the link, you have to send us your Amazon Tag, (ends with -20), and search keywords.

Publishing Timezone:

Just for your information, and so I don’t get a lot of emails saying “My Guest Post isn’t up…”. We have an auto-schedule plugin to publish the articles as they come in on all the sites listed below. I have recently started changing them so that they publish at 8am Pacific Timezone (PST) and the schedule is set so that all the posts do not land on the same day. I try to remember to reply to authors and send them a link to the post, and the date it will be published. To be honest, sometimes I forget to tell you it is going up. Most posts are published within 14 days of being received IF they meet the guidelines above.

Regular Authors:

We do at times invite guest post authors to become regular contributors. This largely depends on past performance, and is dealt with on a case by case basis. If you are interested in becoming a regular author for any of the websites below, you can inquire after at least five guest posts. Part of the factor in becoming an author will have to do with your other writings as well as those you have submitted. We do not pay authors, however affiliate links are permitted, and links to home pages.

Submission Links and Secret Words: (LAST MODIFIED: Sep 13, 2017 @ 11:46 am )

  1. Please submit guest posts for Wolfe’s Blog Only directly via the submit form even if it is your first time submitting.The Current Secret Word is: wolf
  2. Please submit guest posts for American Preppers Network Only directly via the submit form even if it is your first time submitting.The Current Secret Word is: Liberty

– wolfe