Some more geeky updates to the blog and fun stuff
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So APN has moved / is currently moving to a new super fast server with all the bells and whistles, even fuzzy bunnies included. I have also moved to this server as well, migrating my sites over as well as PBN.

Now the thing about moving servers is this. If your site is small with only a few articles or posts, it’s pretty simple. If however, you have hundreds of posts, lots of plugins which may not work on the latest version of code, sub-directories of sub-directories of images…. not to mention custom scripts, and a huge database….

… it gets mind numbing. Copy, paste, backup, download compress, fix, convert, upload, configure, repeat repeat repeat….

So to avoid mistakes, and to prevent laptops from learning to fly through windows…

… you mess around for a few minutes on a project that’s been in the back of your head at the end of each task of the migration.

End result… online free LEGAL TV… enjoy.


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Dan Wolfe is a Linux geek who still writes in BASH for fun, a scripting language used by UNIX & Linux to run back end processes. He has spent the last 20+ years actively learning and writing, about the self-reliance lifestyle. Dan grew up in Toronto, Ontario and met his wife Carol of 25 years. They moved to the outskirts of Vancouver, British Columbia in the early ‘90’s where they raised four sons. Now a new grandfather, he is more than ever inspired to help educate people to properly prepare for emergencies, and become more self-reliant.