The Survival Template by John Heatherly
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From The Archives: 2015

One of the first survival books I ever read when I was an early teen stated that survival in the wilderness was 80% attitude and 20% skill and knowledge. It went on in detail about how to build a shelter in the woods, track game for setting snares etc. I always held onto that key note about the 80% during all the times I went on walk-abouts in the Canadian woods, and I can state clearly and honestly that it is 100% true.   I have learned over the years many skills that are needed to become self-reliant, and a “prepper”, and have always checked myself against my own attitude, but never have I bothered to focus on the most important thing needed for survival, it just never occurred to me.

If 80% of survival is attitude, a state of mind, and only 20% is the rest why do preppers and survivalists like myself spend so much time learning how to hunt, fish, and build shelters, shouldn’t we be spending 80% of our time learning how to discipline the mind?

John Heatherly approached me to write a review of his book “The Survival Template” (ISBN-13: 978-1461036562 ISBN-10: 1461036569), to be honest I took a quick short look at it the first day and thought to myself, this has nothing to do with prepping/survival, and decided to check it out later. I wish I had jumped on it that first day.

Readers of The Survival Template might make the same mistake I did, disregard it as another one of those simple self-help books in which the internet is infested with, but John’s book has hit the nail on the head. It’s a must read.   For the last few years my wife and I have been struggling to gain ground on our own dream to get a farm, and get off the grid. What we have forgotten is that in order to win at this challenge is that it take about 80% mind set.

Day dream all you want about becoming the world’s best survivalist like James W, Rawles, but unless you learn to focus your mind, you will fail. John’s book is aptly titled, it’s a template to train your mind, and I strongly recommend it.

– Wolfe