Letter Ultimate Food Shortage Survival by Jason Richards

Dan …

I got a question for you. For the past five months, I’ve been seriously researching and putting together my own bug-out plan. I’m coming along nicely with my backpacks, and was gonna buy the Jason Richards books from the site for $27 (Ultimate Food Shortage Survival) to pack even lighter, but wanted to get your opinion on it first. I’ve checked reviews online, blogs… seems legit… I can also find the book on Amazon for $10, but he’s offering another 2 or 3 along with it on his website, which look just as interesting. Got any other important reads for someone who’s basically starting out green?

Though I’ve seriously known about the SHTF for over 15 years now, I still feel as though I don’t know anything at all. Your input is gold to me at this point. I have a deep dark sense that we’re all running out of time…

  • Mary

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Emergency Broadcast Systems

The Global Simulated Emergency Test (GlobalSET), on Saturday, April 18, 2009 from 1100-1500 UTC will be an example of how individual volunteers can co-ordinate together to prepare for disasters and emergency situations on a global scale.1GlobalSET has it’s roots in Civil Defense Organizations such as and has since the 1930’s expanded to include specialists in deferent areas such as radio communications, emergency evacuations, disaster relief, and emergency broadcast systems. As a result, co-ordination between different groups has become more difficult for practice purposes, and individual groups tend to set their own agendas and schedules. Continue reading


EcoZoom for Your BOL

Updated: March 2013 I have several camping style stoves in my home. I love the classic kerosine burning Coleman that is at least 30 years old that I found via www.freecycle.org. It is perfect for those family camping trips, and brings back pleasant memories of bygone years. When I go on my walkabouts I tend to bring along a little butane powered stove to boil water with, those Mountain House meals work great with those mountaineering type cook stoves.

In last few weeks I received my very own Ecozoom cook stove, this is THE prepper stove, nothing else even comes close. My first impression, WOW, and maybe a few more awes tossed in! It’s huge, I can cook anything on it. But this stove goes way beyond what you would think of as a prepper survival type cook stove… it’s a bio-mass fueled burning cook stove, … so I tried everything in it. Continue reading


Book Wish List Oct 2008

OK, here it is, my book wish list. It is not by any means complete, although very long, but I will try to update it as time goes on. I am mainly interested in “How To” books, anything published by Foxfire Fund, Inc. Basically, DIY guides related to getting back to the land, gardening, homesteading, survival. My collection is mostly Non-Fiction, including history, crafts, self-efficiency, early trades, activism related topics, environmental issues, human rights, and politics. The fiction books I do collect are almost all “End of the World” and dystopia.

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Once, Upon

Double Entendre

Once upon a time …

Once upon the next time, there was a man, Ovis Arie, who viewed the world as most of his kind did, he wore rose coloured glasses, tweed pants, and penny loafers. Such was the way of the urban young, professional in business as usual. When he was very young, he was wild and free, but life goes from begining to end, and waits in no man land…. Continue reading


Rotating Cypher Encryption

I have a passion for encryption and security culture issues. I’ve been working on a system to to hide encrypted message, as in hide the fact that it’s encrypted to begin with. I call it stegtext after the photo version which is called steghide.

Recently I’ve been messing around with rotating cyphers, and came up with a really simple way to do it in php….


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