How To Make Char Cloth

I use dryer lint a lot on walkabouts because it is easy to use to start your camp fire. However, it is not replaceable as a source of tinder when in the back woods. Any form of cloth, moss, birch bark, and similar materials can be used to make char cloth. This video is a good example of how to do it yourself. Continue reading


Lessons From The Amish

I was reading “Dies the Fire” by S. M. Sterling, when it hit me. Farming without Oil is going to be living hell. If you happen to have a farm in the most ideal spot on earth the total number of days from planting to harvest is 260. If it takes a newbie like myself to use a horse and plow one full day to get a single acre ready for planting for the first time, the max size farm I should be looking for now is 30-60 acres of fertile land for planting. OUCH. That’s full time sweat, blood, and tears of work for two months, without a day off, and the only climate zone in Canada that would allow that, is right here in British Columbia, not counting the crappy soil that is available to buy. For the Amish, whose farming methods we might find ourselves stuck with, a 70 acre farm is the larger farm. I think I’ll go cry for a minute. Continue reading


How To Field Dress A Deer

Yet another video I found on doing things yourself. Yeah, I’m not really following a pattern here, and jumping around from topic to topic a bit. The main reason is that I bored to death at the moment, and waiting for that final word from something so we can move to the farm. The area we are planing to move to is not to far from some good hunting, hence the following video. Continue reading


Beginners Guide To Ham Radio Debian Program List

There is a little know fact about the history of the computer operating system called Linux that I have to mention here at the out set. Debian Linux was built for HAM operators thanks largely to Bruce Perens. I’ve always liked the idea to be able to contact someone on the other side of the world without giving a dime to Ma Bell. The added bonus is being able to do this without being dependent on the grid, and solely self-contained.

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Army Pvt. 1st Class Lucas Ternell, a volunteer firefighter, and a member of the 20th Military Police Company, Maryland National Guard, puts out a small debis fire in the yard of a house fire in Salisbury, Md., Aug. 27, 2011. Ternell was aboard Rescue 16, which was one of several fire and rescue engines that reported to the fire inside a residential neighborhood. Guard members and civilian first responders are providing area support during the Hurricane Irene response. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Darron Salzer)(Released)

Fire Proofing

We had a house fire a few years ago, and as I continue to pack for the move to the farm (96 days to go), I am amazed at the amount of junk we have managed to gather since then. Prepping is all about being prepared for disaster, that includes personal disasters such as a house fire. Making sure you have fire alarms, and fire extinguishing equipment that meets safety standards is vital to being prepared. But, if your like me, there are two things that occur to me in being prepared against a house fire. First, knowing how to make your stuff, and second, fire proof the hell out of everything. Continue reading


What you are about to watch is a nightmare

What you are about to watch is a nightmare. It is not meant to be prophetic, it need not happen, it’s the fervent and urgent prayer of all men of good will that it shall never happen. But in this place, in this moment, it does happen. This is the Twilight Zone.” – Intro to the Twilight Zone episode “The Shelter” .


How many people know that you are a survivalist? How many of them know where you live, where your supplies are, or where you plan to bug out? In the Twilight Zone episode quoted above Doctor Stockton’s neighbors all knew he had a bomb shelter, and they came running. This post is about what I think will likely happen WSHTF. It’s not so much about what you should do to prepare for an actual event, I’m not even going to specify whether or not it is an Oil Crisis, an Earthquake, or what not. What this post is really about is everyone else.




Doctor Stockton, the character in the Twilight Zone episode the shelter was stuck with a moral dilemma of having to refuse his poker buddies from entering his shelter because their was only enough food and air for his family. That was fiction, but the reality is very few people are prepared for even the minor of events, let alone big ones.


Hurricane Katina


Brigadier General David L. Johnson (ret.), of NOAA predicted seven to nine hurricanes that season, three to five which would likely make landfall. 1 After hurricane Katrina hit, it was noted that “Residents in hurricane vulnerable areas who had a plan, and took individual responsibility for acting on those plans, faired [sic] far better than those who did not.” 2 On August 28th 2005 Hurricane Katrina peaked as a Category Five, it took seven days to dissipate from it’s start on August 23rd. By September 1st, Mayor Ray Nagin ordered 1,500 police officers to leave their search-and-rescue mission, and return to the streets to stop looting, not all people who needed rescue had yet been found. It was even until 19 hours after the hurricane had made landfall that the order to evacuate the city was given, as a last resort, places such as the Super Dome were used as emergency shelter, without any preparations for food, water, or sanity needs.3


It never ceases to amaze me how fast the local grocery store will empty of a certain product if there is a media release that it will soon be in short supply. It is also noteworthy to mention that the news media is always behind the times in reporting low volumes of food goods, by the time they release a story on the six o’clock news, many survivalists in the know have already stocked up months before. In addition, they tend to get things wrong on the outset, Y2K is as classic an example as Leap Year Bugs will be in the future.


When the Y2K bug was reported in the media, many people became so called survivalist over night, I personally remember thinking to myself that I might be able to get some good supplies in January of 2000 as a result of people selling off what they had recently acquired before the new year, but the deals to be made never occurred, the local Buy and Sell was not full of ads of people changing there minds of becoming prepared. With forewarning people get ready, but as time passes they forget the fear they felt earlier. But this isn’t always the case, many warning were given out to the Gulf Coast of hurricane, and the need to be prepared throughout the years, some of those warnings from Mother Nature herself, yet over 25,000 people found themselves in the Super Dome after Hurricane Katrina without even 72 hours of water.


I live on a flood plain, where the water mains often break and leak throughout the water table, and even thou each shopper can see that the local grocery store is stocking up with bottle watered, I know that just like last year, and the year before, this year they will run out of water because of last minute panic buying of the water.



In April 1986, one of the four high power channel reactors, providing 1000 megawatts of electric power, near the city of Prypiat, Ukraine went critical. The resulting fallout was four hundred times as much as the resulting fallout from Hiroshima. 4 The radioactive cloud reach over 30 countries.5 Two hundred and seven plant workers suffered from acute radiation sickness, of whom thirty one died within the first three months,6 mostly due to inadequate equipment.7 It took over twenty four hours before the order was given to evacuate the city of Prypiat. The residents were told that the evacuation was going to be only three days long.

The Pripyat river, and the Dnieper River reservoir basin, which covers 504,000 km², was effected with accumulated radiation of radioiodine: I-131, radiocaesium: Cs-137 and radiostrontium: Sr-90, however groundwater systems were not effected as these types of isotopes were largely absorb by top soils. 8 The range of related reported/expected deaths range from just over two hundred to over ten thousand depending on the factors that are included in the reports, however, it is without a doubt that the deaths could have been much higher if circumstances had been even remotely different. Regardless, the most important factors learned as a result of the Chernobyl were that the Russians Governments response was irresponsible to neighboring communities, if not out right criminal. They did not want the world to know, the government can not be trusted. (For the most recent news please visitKid of Speed )


The number one thing you can expect from the local population around where you live, is that the major will be ill prepared, that they will panic, and that the government will be just as prepared as the people themselves.

This is a new thread for my blog, and this introduction is placed here even though I am not finished with my “Bug Out Bag” thread, mainly because there is going to be some cross over between the two.

I hope I have caught your interest, and you will continue to read the threads. I will also try to be more regular in my posts to the blog from now. I will attempt to make these thread updates appear every Friday.

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1The Federal response to Hurricane Katrina “Lessons Learned” ch:3 [PDF]

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8“Environmental consequences of the Chernobyl accident and their remediation” [PDF] IAEA, Vienna


Your Attention Please

Thanks to Kymber of the Ontario Preppers Network for this post on CPN, I would like to give due notice to all those who have shown interest in moving onto our farm after we move to Ontario. I would like to give due notice about a few things you should be made aware of, in addition, I have posted this on my blog so that there is no excuse for not knowing them in advance.

My wife and I have changed since we live in Ontario, in fact we have changed a lot in the recent year or so, our opinions, politics, and beliefs are not the same that most people that know us in real life would associate with us. For example, we are not members of the Green Party any longer, nor do we support them in anyway. We could be called for lack of better terms, Preppers, Libertarian, Self-Reliant, Self-Efficient, or at the very least try to be. Continue reading

Ten, Commandments

New Rules

This one is a round up, over the last week I have come to the conclusion that there are several things that I should have done differently right at the beginning. If I was to make these lessons into rules for my own life I would make the following into stone. The end result would be to end up being prepared. Call them if you will the ten rules of prepping.

Continue reading