Prepper Pete Prepares: An Introduction To Prepping For Kids

There is very little in the way of helping parents explain to young kids about prepping. Yet alone, children’s books to help get them to read without some left wing PC garbage tossed in. Enter in to our little corn of the web a series written by Kermit Jones Jr and illustrated by Christy Brill.

“Some people prepare because they are afraid. 
Our family does not have to be afraid… 
because we are prepared!“
-Prepper Pete Read more…

 The main character in this series is an ant. I’m not sure if Kermit got the idea from American’s Networking To Survive, or from Proverbs 6:6-8 “Go to ant, O sluggard: behold her ways, and be wise.  For she having no guide, governor, nor ruler, Prepareth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in harvest.” (GNV) But the point is, awesome job. These are the perfect Christmas gift under the tree or stocking stuffer for your young children in your family… or cousins, nephews, etc. #1 on the list for children books for homeschooling too.

Teaching kids the importance of being prepared doesn’t have to be harsh or scary. Regardless of why you (or someone you may know) prepare, remember that the single most important thing you can teach your kids is how to think!

All the preps in the world don’t mean a thing if people don’t know how to think clearly. Teach useful skills to all of the kids you know, to include critical thinking, problem solving, and the most important one of all – how to be resourceful!

Prepper Pete and Friends are the first and only Prepper books on the market designed especially for kids!  Check back often for new releases! -

Keep preppin’!

- wolfe

Prepping for the non-emergency

I ask forgiveness again for missing last weeks post, between figuring out whether we should fly back to Ontario, or drive back, searching real estate listings for farms, and trying to set up the new web sites for the American Preppers Network, I just have been to busy to even think straight. Read more…


One of the things I have tried to do in preparing for disaster was to pick things we would use if there was not an emergency. This includes such things as coffee, tea, sugar, rice, and vegetable oil. One of the things I have not done, is to rotate the stocks, until the last week. We have two shelves of canned goods that are garbage, and coffee that needs to tossed as well. I haven’t even gone through the other shelves yet, and I already see it coming. We have almost nothing in the storage that we can use in the event of an emergency. Part of the reason, or excuse I could honestly say, is that the plan to move to the farm has taken over our lives, and it just didn’t seem to be the best plan to restock the food reserves and end up shipping all of it to the farm. So I let it slack.

We’ve also somehow got into the habit of buying only a limit amount of groceries from month to month. So I’ve found myself in a situation where if we are short on funds, we are also short with food, which leads to going out and getting something for that night’s dinner or what not.


Buying dinner, is not the same as buying groceries, it costs more because first off your not planning ahead, and your not looking for deals. Your also not buying in bulk. Which leads to it not only costing more, but you find yourself with even less money then the month before, which leads to … you get the idea.


In other words, in the attempt to get to the point where we are off the grid, and on a farm which we can successfully grow our own food, we have put ourselves in exactly the same position we are fighting and warning against.


It’s called target fixating, you spend so much energy on getting something done that everything else takes a backseat.


Therefore I have come to the conclusion that the root to all this was indecisiveness on the dates for each step along the way, and very poor planning on how to get each step done.


So, that leads to getting things done, and setting dates for everything on the list of to dos, in other words set deadlines.





Lesson Learned: Having a plan is useless unless you have check points along the way to make sure the plan is working.



Preppers Network Chat Guide

We have a Chat Room:

These are online help pages for The Prepper’s Network Chat Room. The Prepper’s Network chat room is hosted by Rizon, if you are not familiar with IRC, and just want to chat with like minded people, you can simply use our web interface by clicking here, your nick will be bloghelp followed by some random numbers, to let the regulars know you came from this page. Otherwise you can use an IRC chat client like IceChat, which these help pages are about, and join the server Rizon ( channel #preppers, port 6697 for ssl users). Additional Note: For Linux users please use Xchat, Read more…

This help guide is divided into four sections. The first section deals with commands you can send the server, such as changing your nick name. The second section deals with IceChat, a separate program that you can use to join the channel instead of using the web chat interface. The third and fourth sections will help you customize IceChat to make use of the chat room to the max. That last section concerns frequently asked questions, notes, etc.


Keep Channel Purpose in Mind


We all love to laugh. We all like to chat about current events. But please remember that the #preppers channel to is help educate each other on preparedness, to network with like mind individuals, and to facilitate communications between each other. It is a social channel for preppers to meet, to share our problems, accomplishments, and to network. It is not a place to argue, for name calling, and debate.

Politics of Other Channels

The #preppers channel is the main chat channel for the American Preppers Network, and all associated networks. Each network is welcome to start their own channel, but please remember that issues that arise within those channels belong there, when in doubt the channel founder of that channel has the last say.

Access Levels

Each regular chatter in the channel who has registered to Nickserv gets certain privileges, these are given by the channel founder based on access levels to the channel. If you would like to know how access levels are handed out on #preppers to use on your own network channel, see APPEX “A”.

Correct Behavior Privately

When ever there is a problem within the channel by a person, that person should be dealt with in private (See Private Messages in this help guide), it should not be in the channel itself. This channel follows the Code of Conduct set out the American Preppers Network. If a person refuses to correct their behavior, they can be kicked out of the channel, or even banned by any user with sufficient and higher access then the offender. If there is a dispute between members that goes beyond this, founders of the channels in question have the last say. Please note that channel operators, and founders do not control Kline bans, these are set by Rizon staff, and you have to deal with them yourself, we can not intercede on your behalf. The most likely reason you would be Kline by Rizon is that your computer is infected with a virus that is disruptive to the network, upgrade your anti-virus software and scan your computer before you contact Rizon staff.


Section #1 IRC Commands


The Nick Command:


IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, it is a chat system that uses a network of servers to allow many people to chat with each other in virtual rooms. Each network has many rooms that people can meet and chat in, APN’s main room is #preppers. Note that there is a number sign at the beginning of the name, this tells IRC that you are referring to a channel, much like twitter uses the number sign to identify conversation tags. IRC pays special attention to the first characters a lot. The most important first character is the forward slash “/”. This tells IRC that you are sending a command, and not saying something in the chat. The first command you should learn is the Nick command, it allows you change your name used in the chat to better identify you.


The picture below is from using Ice Chat, but the same commands can be used in the web interface and most other IRC clients.



In the image above you can see that I am about to change my nickname in the chat from whatever it is (in this case Wolfe) to Wolfe-away (inside the red circle). The area I am typing this is the same area that I use to say things in the channel. The only reason I am able to do this is because I am using the forward slash to tell IRC that I am sending a command. Sometimes after someone changes their nickname in chat, the server will send a warning message stating,


-Nickserv- This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your

-Nickserv- nick, type /msg Nickserv IDENTIFY password. Otherwise,

-Nickserv- please choose a different nick.


This is because the regular person who uses this nickname has registered this nickname with a service on the server called Nickserv, if you do not change your nick it will be changed for you to Guest with some random numbers.



Section #1 IRC Commands


The Private Message Command:


Most of the time you use IRC to chat in a public, or a semi private chat room. But you can also send a private message to someone. Sometimes you have to send a private message to the services to do certain things. To send a private message you just shorten up the word “message” to /msg. What has to follow right after /msg is the nickname of the person you are sending the message too, and then the message. For example, if you wanted to send me a message it would be /msg Wolfe hello I am testing the message command .


The picture below is from using the web interface.



When you send a private message it opens up another dialog in the web interface, or another tab called Messages.


(Unless other wise noted all other images are for Ice Chat, the reason for the above images is because the Messages tab is unique. Many other chat clients work in a similar manner.)

When you receive a private message it creates another tab/query with the nickname of the person who sent you a message.


By clicking on this tab you change which chat you are talking in. If it is another chat room you will see the chat conversation that is going on there, if it is a private message then you will be in a private conversation with the person that sent you the message.




Section #1 IRC Commands


The NickServ and Registering Your Nickname:


Rizon, and most other IRC networks provide services that you access using the /msg command. Services are programs that run on the chat server that do different things, Rizon has several services, one of them is called Nickserv. Nickserv can protect you nickname from other people using it by letting you register the nickname for yourself. Any time someone wants to use the nickname from then on, it requires a password.


In order to have Nickserv protect your nickname from unauthorized use, you need to register it. You do this by sending a private message to Nickserv which includes your chosen password and email address.


/msg Nickserv REGISTER password [email]


When you send this private message correctly Nickserv will send you a notice back that says the following:


–Nickserv– A passcode has been sent to, please type/msg Nickserv confirm to complete registration


Nickserv will then send you an email to the address you used. The email will look something like this:



You have requested to register the following nickname examplenick.

Please type ” /msg Nickserv confirm RANDOMCODEHERE ” to complete registration.

If you don’t know why this mail was sent to you, please ignore it silently.


Rizon administrators.


You have to send the private message “ /msg Nickserv confirm RANDOMCODEHERE ” you received in the email within the chat like all other IRC commands and private messages. When you do this correctly Nickserv will respond with a notice like so …


–Nickserv– Nickname examplenick registered under your account:*someone@*

–Nickserv– Your password is – remember this for later use.



Now only you can use that nickname. Each time you join the IRC server you will have to identify to Nickserv by sending your password.


To see how to do that keep reading.



Section #1 IRC Commands


The Nick Identify Command:


If you have registered your nickname with Nickserv and rejoin the chat at some future date you will receive a notice from Nickserv like the following.


–Nickserv– This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your

–Nickserv– nick, type /msg Nickserv IDENTIFY password. Otherwise,

–Nickserv– please choose a different nick.


Depending on how you are connecting to the IRC chat you can do different things to identify yourself to Nickserv. Any of these will work, because they basically are just sending a private message to Nickserv with your password.


/msg Nickserv identify [password]


If you are using the chat room link from the American Prepper’s Network, Kentucky Preppers Network, Survival Times, or even my own blog you have an option to identify before you join the chat room.


This image is an example of using the default Rizon web interface.


This check mark allows you to send your password as you join the chat. By using the check mark, you will be able to enter your password to Nickserv in a new field in the form. It helps to avoid doing it by private message. If you need to manually send your password you can send a private message to Nickserv like so:


/msg Nickserv identify [password]


If you do it correctly you will get a notice from Nickserv which should read:


–Nickserv– Password accepted – you are now recognized.


But doing this every time you join the chat is a real pain, the IRC client Ice Chat has the ability to do it for you. On the far left side is a vertical long tab with the words Favorite Servers.


If you click on this area it will open up to show you the server list that you go to often, your favorite IRC servers.



Right clicking on the server name, in this case opens up a new window with many options. It’s the edit server button you want to click on, (yes there is another edit server button below the list you can use that does the same thing).


The edit options may look complex, but it is rather straight forward. The first set of options are your basic server options. Within each option is a fill out form this one sets your nickname and other options including the server you want to connect to. The following are the setting for hooking up to #preppers


Server Server Port:6667 Nickname:yournickname Alt. Nick.:yournickname_ Away-Nick:yournickname-Away Ident Name:Your Name Full Name:yourblogurl Quit Message:$randquit

For the record we discourage people using their real names. It’s just not strong OPSEC. You can, like I have done, use your Blog’s URL as part of the options here. The Away Nick can also be something like yournick(A) to mean the same thing. (Side Note: Remember I mentioned that IRC pays special attention to the first character a lot? That why I used the $ in $randquit above. It gives Ice Chat the variable which stands for Random Quit Message. You can put any message in here you want. People will see it when you quit IRC, for example you could put “I quit, see you all tomorrow.”, which would work just as well. )

The next set of options are called the Start Up, and it means exactly what you might think. It is a list of things for Ice Chat to do when it starts up and joins the server.

This is where the ability of Ice Chat to identify to Nickserv is used. Each of the above check mark boxes stands for the following:


  • Set Mode +i on Connect means that you want Ice Chat should identify when it connects to the server if checked.

  • Show Server MOTD means that when this option is checked you want to see the Message of the Day from the server.

  • Show Ping Pong Message means that you want to know when you receive a test packet of data and that you have replied to it automatically so that server knows you are still online.

  • Show Server Lag in Console just means that you want to know how long it takes to send a ‘ping’ and a ‘pong’ back and forth between you and the server.

  • Auto-Connect on IceChat Startup means that you want to auto connect to this server when you start Ice Chat on your computer

  • Connect with SSL using an external program …. means I have to write another help guide. ;)

The image above shows which boxes you should have checked, and un-checked. It is likely that this is the default setting for your Ice Chat when you started it up, but it is a good idea to make sure it is set up this way. Leave the Server Password: blank, it does not apply to you … yet. But you should set the Nickserv Password: now to the same one that you set up when you registered your nickname. Also leave the Use Secure command to send Nickserv Pass blank.

Sometimes some clients use /Nickserv instead of /msg Nickserv to send the identify. So if your using a different client and still want to automate this process of identify to Nickserv you can use the AutoPerform. But before I show you how, I going to help you with the AutoJoin List since it is next in the list on Ice Chat.

The AutoJoin Options:

AutoJoin is pretty much straight forward, you enter the channel room and click the Add button. If you have a slow connection to the internet you may want to check the Enable AutoJoin Delay (5 Seconds). Just make sure to include the # in the name of the channel, in our case #preppers.

Almost all IRC clients have an option to include AutoPerform although the exact wording might be different. This is the next set of Options in Ice Chat that I am going through. Basically you can place anything you want here, for example if you do not have #preppers in your autojoin list, you could add it here by including the line “/join #preppers” in the text area (no quotes).

As you can see you can also identify to Nickserv this way, just as if you typed it in manually from the web interface, or after you joined the server. There are a few more options, such as using a BNC server, a Proxy, and some Default settings for Ice Chat itself, but for now this is all you need to know about Identifing to Nickserv.

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Nick Group Command:

Some of us in the chat room access the chat while we are at work, on the road, or busy in the barn at home. So it does mean that we are away from the keyboard for period of time. Lots of IRC chat rooms dislike people who idle, or change their to include “_away”, we don’t mind at all. You can link you normal nickname to your away nickname with the Nick Group command. We suggest that you just add “_away” or “(A)” to you current nick rather then change the nickname completely in order not to confuse people.

Basically this is how it works. You change your nickname to something else for example: /nick yournick_away

The what you do is tell Nickserv that you want to link your two nicknames together: /msg nickserv group yournick

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Nick Ghost Command:

Sometimes there is a problem staying connected to the chat server. This can be caused by a Net Split, or something that happened between you and the server for a short period of time. When you re-connect to the chat, you find that the chat server still thinks your first connection is still working, and you see yourself in the chat, and you now have your alternate nick being used. (example: if your normal nickname is wolfe, your alternate nickname might be wolfe_) What has happened is that you have left behind what is called a ghost, because you didn’t tell the server you were leaving. (Eventually the ghost will disappear on it’s own if you don’t come back) This can be at the least annoying because it means that any private messages will be missed by you.

You can get rid of the ghost with the nick ghost command. Send another private message to Nickserv like so: /msg nickserv ghost yournick

Now you can change your alternate nickname_ back to your normal nickname. If you have set up all your setting on Ice Chat above you will automatically identify to Nickserv for it. Otherwise remember to send an identify to Nickserv with: /msg nickserv identify

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Nick Info Command:

A lot of preppers have personal blogs, and those that don’t tend to post to one of the preppernetworks sites. You can include a link to your personal blog, your state preppernetworks site, or even within your nickname information.

To set your URL in your nickname information send: /msg nickserv set url

You can also set your email address as well by sending: /msg nicserv set email

If you want to know more about someone in the channel you can send a request to Nickserv to send you that information, you will either get the information that they have shared, or a notice that the nickname you are asking about is not registered. For example if you send a request about me …

/msg nickserv info wolfe_away all

If the nick name is registered you will receive something similar to this about me.

–NickServ– wolfe_away is wolfe

–NickServ– Is online from:

–NickServ– Time registered: Oct 15 16:45:15 2009 EDT

–NickServ– URL:

–NickServ– E-mail address:

–NickServ– Greet message: …

–NickServ– Options: Security, Auto-op, LoveServ

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Action Command:

If you join the chat on a regular basis you might notice that sometimes people appear to do something rather then just say something. For example:

wolfe hits matthiasj with a book.

What was entered was “/me wolfe hits matthiasj with a book.” which is the action command or expressions command.

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Nick Help Command And Others:

Just a quick note about Nickserv, Chanserv, and Memoserv. You can get instruction on their use directly for other options I have not included in the guide, by private messaging each, like the following: /msg nickserv help

For more detailed help about a particular setting within those commands you can add the option to the help request like so: /msg nickserv help register

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Topic Command:

Every channel on IRC has the ability to set a channel topic. This topic can be changed when ever the moderators want so to reflect the current subjects being discussed in the channel, or just to give more information publicly to others that are not in the room to know what it is about.

For moderators the command to change the topic of the channel is “/topic NEW TOPIC HERE

If your not a moderator you can use “!topic NEW TOPIC HERE” instead, but this will only work if a moderator is online at the time since it is a trigger for a script that some of the moderators use.

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Away Command:

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Notice Command:

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Memo Commands:

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Kick Command:

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Join Command:

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Ban Command:

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Part Command:

Section #1 IRC Commands

The Quit Command:

Section #2 IRC Using Ice Chat and Others

Downloading Ice Chat:

Default Settings For Rizon IRC On Ice Chat:

Section #3 IRC IceChat Make it Talk to You

Voice Suggestions:

Section #4 IRC IceChat Make it Talk for You


Section #E IRC #preppers FAQ

Why IRC?:

Why Rizon?:






What is an IRC Bot?:


Who is Chanserv?:


Who is Nickserv?:

Who is Memoserv?:


Who is Icebot?:


Who is LimitServ?:


Who is Chanstat?:


Why do some nicks have an @ in front of their nicks?:

Why do some nicks have an % in front of their nicks?:

Why do some nicks have an + in front of their nicks?:









Must be a registered nick with nickserv on rizon




Must be a regular chatter in the channel
































SET 10


Owners: level 9









Fully trusted: level 8

Reserved for those that have earned full trust after a period of time , should know all commands have access to at least one backend admin on at least one prepper site








New: Level 6 to 7
APPLIED TO USER: Level 6 after 21 weeks total of being registered to nickserv AND been a regular in the chat for at least 21 weeks (1+2+3…) …. level 7 (1+2+3+4… weeks of being registered and being active in channel …)

Pending Admin: Level 5 (reserved for someone who will become fully trusted unless they screw up on the “rules?” etc.)
APPLIED TO USER: Level 5 after 15 weeks total (1+2+3+4+5) of being registered to nickserv AND been a regular (active) in the chat for at least 15 weeks (1+2+3+4+5)










New: Level 2 to 4
APPLIED TO USER: Level 2 after three weeks total of being registered to nickserv AND been a regular in the chat for at least three weeks (1+2) …. level 4 (1+2+3+4 weeks of being registered and being active in channel …)

New: Level 1 (regulars who show no interest yet on the above)
APPLIED TO USER: when ever a registered user shows up in chat on a regulat basis for at least a week




NEW: level -1 (for those that are new.)
APPLIED TO USER: when ever they are registed to nickserv.


Blacklisted: level -2 (Reserved for trolls / bots ONLY!)


Primary Services

As I said before, there is more then one way to improve the world. But it occurs to me, that it might have to be done a little at a time. The problem with that is, some of my ideas depend on the others. And I am sure this is the same for anyone else that has come up with ideas to improve the world.

If you want to remove property tax, you have to include a way for primary services to be met.

Take schools for example… Read more…

My wife and I home schooled our kids while we were caravaning on the road for almost 13 years. We hope that some day we will return to that lifestyle, (Which is why I maintain this web page), but I think we’ll head out by boat rather then by motor home this time.

Anyway, as i was saying we home schooled for the most part while we were on the road. Now, I’m not saying this was a bad idea, however, we were not able to teach our own kids in the manner they needed.

Most of the time, when children are home schooled they surpass their peers. But if those children require special help, especially in a minute way. They fall behind. In fact, they tend to fall behind regardless if they are home schooled or not. Small hindrances to their development as students can go unnoticed by both parents and teachers.

The difference between home schooling and public school are the resources.

Now if you disagree because you home school, remember that I am referring mostly to those who home school “on the road”, caravaners tend not to have a local school who can help out when the going gets tough.

So my wife and I decided to settle down for the duration of the needed help.

Education, in all it’s forms and levels, is an essential service. It should be available to every citizen at no cost.

I am an anarchist, how do I suggest that the view I have in my political life, and my view on eduction meet on common ground?

I believe that if there is a need in a society it is the responsibility of the individuals in that society to meet the need. And I believe that individuals need to get involved with their responsibilities directly, not via a proxy.

In the same manner that you should care for your family’s needs. It is your responsibility to care for your communities needs.

If your brother needs food in the fridge to help feed his kids, do you not fill the freezer?

If your neighbor has broken his leg, do you not mow his lawn to help him out?

Education is food for the mind.

Our school here in Coquitlam BC (School District 43) needs the help of the parents to help teach the kids. The funding has been cut by the liberals so much that the school actually is forced to come out and ask for volunteers to teach the kids.

I think every neighbor, not just those with kids, should come out and help out, and not just with teaching. Help fix a window, paint a swing, buy a soccer ball.

This is where Volunteer Essential Services come from.

From the heart of the community.


Property Rights and Taxes

So how does one person make the world just a little better?

You can do little things, such as giving your time to help a friend. Try helping people out of poverty. Donating to the local food bank. Protest war, fight for human rights… the list goes on and on. Read more…

One thing we hardly ever see is, is a call to change laws. Now I’m not talking about removing the illegal status of pot, although i believe that should be done too. What I am referring to is our blind view that if a law seems to be “ok”, we leave it at that instead of improving it.

Take “property tax” for example.

Property Tax is suppose to be used for local essential services, such as funding the local schools, hospitals, roads, libraries, emergency and rescue services. But the money is also used to fund the municipal debts, increase the mayors pay check, and sometimes is ear marked for federal issues rather then local.

In addition to all these issues, some would claim that we should not pay property tax at all. If the land is yours, why should you pay more for it each year? I agree to a point. And the line I draw to say whether or not we should pay property tax, is at the edge of the property line of our homes.

If I “own” a house on a piece of property that I live in, raise a family in, perhaps even grow a garden on, even run a small business from to support myself from, then I believe I should not have to keep paying for this HOME that I own every year.

If however, I own two pieces of property or more, and only live on one as my “primary residential property” the other properties I own should be subject to property tax to help support local services.

This will result in higher rents for the poor, it is true, but it isn’t the end all of the idea. For one thing, “property Rights” should not only include protection from property tax for primary residential land, but also protection from prevention from owning the land in the first place.

The poor are prevented from saving for their first home, by aid services, because if they have “assets” they are cut off. Aided income is also something that can’t be used to claim you can pay a mortgage, even thou a mortgage itself is often lower then paying rent!

Property Rights should not only include protection from tax, and protection from prevention, but also exemptions from credit. Your primary home should never be used to clear your credit, you shouldn’t be allowed to screw yourself IMHO. ( Make better laws to deal with interest rates! … What, you like “renting” money? )

Just a thought.


A mini interview with the author of gpredict

Alexandru Csete, also known as OZ9AEC is a physicist from the University of Aarhus, and works as in the European space industry, and a holder of a CEPT Cat. 1 amateur radio certificate since 1991. He is also the author of gpredict which I have mention in my Beginner’s Guide to HAM Radio (Debian Program List) on this blog. Read more…

His primary interests today are satellite comms, building and modifying equipment and developing free software for Unix-like operating systems. Between Jan 2008 and Mar 2009 He was also involved in the Google Lunar X PRIZE by contributing to Team FREDNET.

His website is dedicated to technological endeavors within the areas of ham radio, free software and space technology – all free and open source. I approached Alexandru via jabber for a mini-interview for the purpose of posting to this blog, and here it is.

Wolfe: How long have you been interested in HAM Radio’s and Satellites?

Alexandru: I got interested in ham radio when I was 14 and got my license at the age of 16 in 1991. It was mainly shortwaves in the beginning and satellites came a few years later.

Wolfe: What kind of set up do you have?

Alexandru: Antennas: Butternut HF2V for 160, 80, 40 and 30 meter bands and some yagis and parabolic dishes for VHF, UHF and microwaves. Radios: IC-765, FT-817, Elecraft K1, some home built kits, and some experimental hardware for playing with software defined radios.

Wolfe: How far can a HAM radio broadcast? What about line of sight?

Alexandru: On shortwaves around the world (depending on the cyclic solar activity, which is currently very bad). On VHF and up only line of sight, continental when using satellites in low earth orbit, “half globe” when using satellites in high earth orbit.

Wolfe: Your the author of gpredict, what is that program used for, and why did you create it?

Alexandru: The program is used for real time satellite tracking and orbit prediction. It is necessary for satellite communication in order to know when a satellites comes by, where to point the antennas and how much Doppler correction is necessary. I wrote it because there were no such application with nice GUI for the Linux operating system.

Wolfe: Have you ever been involved in emergency broadcasts with HAM Radio, and if so what happened?

Alexandru: No, I haven’t.

Wolfe: How would someone get started with HAM Radio, with the intention of having a backup communication system in the event of an emergency?

Alexandru: I would suggest to get in touch with local clubs and regional/national societies. They should be able to provide guidance in getting started according to regional laws and regulations.

Wolfe: What would be your dream communication set up? Why?

Wolfe: How many different types of antennas are there , and what are they used for?

Alexandru: Hmm… my imagination has no limits… I think the biggest obstacles for me are lack of proper location with room for antennas and time (and of course money)

Alexandru: There would be antennas and other equipment for covering the relevant parts of the whole spectrum 100kHz to 50GHz.

Wolfe: What kind of power supply would you need for such a set up?

Alexandru: Good question… I’m not sure, but I like green power so it would have a lots of solar arrays and windmills (Denmark is a very windy country).

Wolfe: Is broadcasting on Short Wave, MURS, or Microwave the same thing as HAM radio?

Alexandru: No, those are commercial or national services. Ham radio is a hobby.

Wolfe: If the world was going to have a major disaster tomorrow that wiped out our modern society, what radio equipment would you suggest to buy today?

Alexandru: Shortwave would be good to have long comm range.

Wolfe: Your in Denmark, is knowledge about Morse code still a requirement to get your operators license?

Alexandru: I believe it has been removed now.

Wolfe: Do you think that even thou North Americans do not need to learn Morse code to get their two meter band license, they should learn it anyway? Why?

Alexandru: No, except if they are interested in it. I use morse code because it’s fun but I wouldn’t impose it on anybody.

What is SEED?

The first question people ask about SEED is common ownership of the land, and sharing of incomes etc. When we answer , they ask us why we call ourselves a commune. Here is the answer …  Read more…

Most communes are income-sharing communities, SEED is not. The best way to express the financial end of SEED is to say we are a cost-reducing community. Yes, we do have industries on SEED, some of which are shared income, but they are not the center point of the budget like in other communes.

S.E.E.D. stands for Self-Efficient-Ecologically-Dependant. We do grow our own food, and attempt to get completely off-the-Grid. But the land is privately owned by the original members who fronted the start up costs. Guests help pay for the operating costs by paying an equal share of the budget balance, and are encouraged to save towards starting their own SEED. Guests are told that their stay is temporary, their purpose in joining a SEED is to start their own.

SEED communes are micro-communes. Successful SEEDs in the past have been small, usually with one to three families starting a new SEED. They are also temporary in their operation as a stepping stone for others. Eventually SEEDs close their doors to guests, usually after a few new SEEDs have been successfully started by previous guests.

SEEDs are not based on a religious or political, ideals. All are welcome, however there is an understanding that SEED is not the place for preaching. SEED is a home. SEED is a stepping stone to a new lifestyle, not a method of conversion to a new belief.

Again I give reference to the usual norm of communes

Communities such as The Twin Oaks Commune, and The Basin Farm, started off with the members having outside sources of income. But as the communes became more prosperous the members left their outside jobs to concentrate on the communities industries.

SEED are similar, but there are some differences.

When a SEED commune starts the original members usually have outside jobs working for the plant down the street so to speak. Eventually, the commune itself adapts to the needs of those members, and industries are formed. Some industries, such as any surplus in the gardens are shared incomes to the members. Most Industries on a SEED are privately run businesses by the members to pay for their equal costs of living on the commune.

Since the purpose of the community includes getting off the grid, early trades such as pottery, glass blowing, and blacksmithing become the norm. However, there is no rule or limit on the kind of industry that can become part of a community, only the members themselves and the resources limit the practical end of things.

These industries are not commonly own by all the members on the commune, they are privately own by the trades people themselves. Therein lays the difference between SEEDs and income-sharing communities.

April 22, 2003

PLEASE NOTE: This is an old post, I am no longer interested in starting a SEED Commune, this post is left here for archive reasons. Wolfe)

I heard a call for help.

I have a two year old granddaughter, she’s cute as a button, and every time we cough, or sneeze, she yells across the house … “Are you OK?!?!”. I think it is in our nature to check up on people we care about. It’s part of our instincts to act as watchdogs for members of our family and community. Scientists would call this reciprocal altruism, I’m a little more crude and calling it “giving a s&^%”.

We are all part of different communities, they come in the form of families, neighbors, church groups, clubs, and even hockey teams. And when something bad happens to a member of our community, we reach out with a helping hand and ask “Are you OK?!?!”.

We also have a tendency to be careful when reaching out that hand as well. We all know people who always seem to need our help. And there is a judgement call that comes into play when we encounter these people. To me it’s rather simple, is the constant help they need a result of their own fault? If it is their fault, if they have done something to themselves that was irresponsible, we tend to back away. If however, it is the result of circumstances that are beyond their control, an act of God like a flood, we put more of an effort in to help. After all it could have happened to us.

A child that calls for help, pulls on our heart strings even more so.

Two children twice as much.

My granddaughter is cute as a button, but she can not hold a candle to new born babies. Twins would knock the scoreboard off the chart even more so. But these twins can not ask for help, they are not even born yet.

There is another community we are apart of, it’s a community that believes that we are responsible for ourselves, and that we should do what we can to not only prepare for any disaster that might befall us, but also help other prepare as well. If you knew a disaster was heading your way, you would do whatever you could to save your family and friends, whatever that disaster is. You would respond to a call for help from your children during an earthquake, flood, or any other disaster. You would reach out with a helping hand to a neighbor, or any other member of your community.

I know of two members of the Preppers community that need your help. Twins.

Stephanie is a member of our community, a long time writer for The American Preppers Network, and friend. She’s pregnant with twins who have been diagnosed with CDH. I am asking you as a member of this great community to help out. There is a call for help from our own. Please click the image below to read more…


Secret Messages and Secure Communications Part 1

Secret Messages and Secure Communications (Part 1):

This post grew on me, so I have broken it up into parts. – Wolfe

No one can stand alone. I know there is a common mind set amongst survivalists that we are a hardy set of individuals, but you can not keep watch twenty four hours a day on your own. Even if all you are relying on are close family members, there are security issues that you should consider. Read more…

I have a poll up on my blog here as to which ‘how to guide’ I should write first, and so far lock picking has reached the top. However, I felt that the importance of encryption, and security culture are somethings not completely understood.


I think part of the reason that Survivalists and Preppers alike fail to realize how important secure communications are is that they some how associate these methods with underground groups that are bent of the destruction of the ‘American’ way of life, or Western Civilization… The truth is, they are right. It’s not so much a conspiracy theory of rebel youth who have turned to communism, as it is counter culture that grows as a result of socialism.


Groups such as the Earth Liberation Front, whom I have openly supported in the past, have no concept of private property rights. The Animal Liberation Front would rather you die from cancer then to let one little kitten suffer a single day at the hands of a lab technician to find a cure. PETA whom I view as no different from underground groups, doesn’t want you to hunt for your own food, and would rather have you eat soya beans instead of meat.


I am not going to get into the moral issues, as they are full of emotionalism rather then rationalism, nor am I going to say that these groups are outright wrong completely, as I do think they have some valid points. What I am going to do however is steal information that I have learned from them, and pass it onto you.


My Beginnings:


As I have stated in the past, I was raised in a Christian family with traditional family values. I still support those values, even more so recently as they become more relative to my own life as I get older. The church I was raised in was a member of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Pastor H. was without a doubt in my mind the best preacher I have ever heard, although I did as a child worry about his blood pressure a few times as his face would turn red during Sunday Service. Some of the main themes from the Pentecostal church was about the end times, the tribulation, and the rapture. Most of the members of my old church believed that the rapture would take place before the tribulation, however I never fully bought into it, making me a post tribulationist, and that was the start of the survivalist mind set for me.


Before anything else, I must give credit to the church for helping me learn to care. Charity must begin at home, but when it goes beyond that the church is one of the best starting places. It was from that church that I began to see myself as part of a community, and as a member of the community I continued to try to make the world a better place, even after I left the church and the faith.


Trying to make the world better, can take many forms and without a moral basis to guide you, can lead a person with good intentions into the worse possible path. There are generally two groups of people in the world. Those that believe that what ever is good for society is good for the individual, and the others which believe what ever is good for the individual is good for society. Socialists believe in the first, I now believe in the second.

The aspect of the beliefs of the church was the topic of ‘the mark of the beast’, in which it was believed that not a single person would be able to buy or sell without it. I won’t go into the whole ordeal of the belief system behind it, there are plenty of other sites on the net which can inform the reader much better then I can about the theories that are running around. Some of which might be closer to the truth then I’m willing to admit. But the point is, the virtual big brother is very real to some people, and there are steps one can take to protect yourself.


How to get a second name:


A legal second name is called a ‘pen name‘. (Also know as AKA, alias, allonym, ananym, anonym, assumed name, false name, fictitious name, nickname, nom de guerre, nom de plume, professional name, pseudonym, and stage name.) To legalize a pen name you basically have to set up proof that you intend to be known by the second name of your choice and that the intentions involved do not have anything to do with illegal activity. There are advantages to being an author of a published, or unpublished work at this point, which happens to include websites such as personal blogs, most western countries have laws protecting authors’ identities. In Canada for example, authors have the right to remain anonymous, and still retain copyrights.


The best practice to register a pen name for the purpose of being an author is to use a ‘notary public‘, and literally sign a statement which states that you are also know by your chosen pen name. There are other options, but you would have to check with the laws that govern the area you plan to register your pen name. Now, I wonder if you noticed how I worded that last sentence. Since it is copyright laws we are mostly dealing with, rather then the laws around the right of an author to remain anonymous directly, international agreements open the way to register your pen name almost anywhere. In other words, there is very little need to register your pen name in your home country. Take note of that as I continue.


About Letters of Identification:


There are as many ways to identify yourself as there are ways for zealots, and crooks to mess with your life by staling your identity. We identify ourselves in so many ways, it is amazing that identity theft isn’t a larger problem then it is. Part of the problem is that most people do not actively protect their private information, or understand the laws concerning government documents. The Social Security, or Social Insurance Numbers were never meant to be used as a standard form of government identification except towards the government itself for the purposes they were created for. What that means is that the SIN/SS numbers can be used for tax purposes, but was never intended for credit checks and reports. You should also never give out your SIN/SS number when applying for a job, only give it to your employer if you get confirmation that you already have the job. Americans are only allowed to have one Social Security Number, and can not apply for another for a pen name, you have to use the same number for your real name and your pen name. Likewise Canadian are only allowed to hold one Social Insurance Number for the same reasons, interesting side note however, that although there are laws stating you can not have more then one SIN number, there is no law stating that you have to have one in the first place. This is mainly because non-resident Canadians without ‘ties’ to Canada do not have to pay personal income tax, and those that leave Canada while children hardly ever apply for the “benefits” of a social insurance number.


The same notary public, or other legal notary such as a lawyer, that can certify your pen name to help you protect your copy rights for your up coming book or novel, can also provide a certified letter of identification (sometimes referred to as a letter of indication, or a circular note). The usefulness by itself is rather limited, it can be used to notify your bank that you might be receiving checks in that other name from your publisher. Letters of identification can also be used for to prove your identity with most service providers. For example, you could use it for opening an ISP account, renting a phone line, getting a cell phone, or anything where you can place a deposit for a service.


Continued in Part 2 … – Wolfe

Secret Messages and Secure Communications Part 2

Secret Messages and Secure Communications (Part 2):

Yet another passport:

Your name itself isn’t enough to identify you, if your name happens to be John Smith there are 50,628 other people in the United States alone with that same name. Read more…

You real identity is a combination of the name you were given at birth by your parents, the place where you were born, your family tree, your citizenship, and where your permanent residence is. You can not change your family tree, the name your parents gave you (given name), or where you were born, and that makes that information more valuable then anything else about you. Never give away your family tree information, or where you were born, it can be used to steal your identity. You can however add too, or change out right everything else, even your name.


First, I would like to talk about citizenship. Citizenship comes with benefits, and disadvantages. Some of the benefits of Citizenship include opportunities for business, employment, and can carry with it certain rights that you can not get as the result of citizenship somewhere else like voting. Some of the disadvantages are being drafted into a war you don’t agree with, or paying high taxes. It’s the disadvantages and advantages combined that people consider if they should get a second citizenship, including the types of passports that are available to citizens. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Illegal immigrants are NOT exempt from the draft!)


Having a second citizenship might mean you have access to a passport, and there are many reasons to have a second passport. The first and most important reason is to help you avoid problems being identified with a country in conflict with a group of people. This means equally avoid being seen as a target of terrorists, or being labeled one yourself. A second passport should be part of every survivalists BOB .


There are what are known as camouflaged passports, their intend purpose is to avoid being kidnapped for more then any other reason. IMHO they are completely useless, although I have heard that they have been used in connection to a pen name to rent a P.O. Box successfully.


To get a second real passport there are many ways. The first most important, and easiest is that you might already have a second citizenship without knowing it. It is sometimes called the grandfather clause, but legally the label that makes you a citizen without you knowing is called ‘citizen by naturalization’. Many European countries have this on the books, and by proving you are a direct descendant from a citizen is usually all it takes to get your passport. You will need to get a certified copy of your birth certificate, and related documents to your family tree. Proof of identity will also be required, a criminal record check might also be required to ensure that you are not getting the passport to avoid prosecution.



Postal Services:


There are many ways to get snail mail, and it does not have to be in your resident country. Mail forwarding is the most common, but can get expensiveness. My strongest suggestion is to pick a service that is located in a country with strong privacy laws, countries that are known as ‘tax havens‘ are your best bet along these lines. But take note, laws in offshore countries that protect a persons banking, and business information, do not necessarily include privacy issues with postal services. Normally such strong privacy laws cross over to postal services, but to be sure to check with a lawyer familiar with the jurisdiction.


There are also options for travelers that are commonly used that you might consider on a short term basis while you set up your pen name to protect your identity. Th first one is the main post office near you itself. Deliveries can be made “Poste Restante” or “General Deliveries”, there is sometimes a small fee associated with this method, and you will need your certified ‘letter of identification’ from a ‘notary’ and photo identification. Note the standard practice to help protect your identity in Canada is to use the actual mailing address of the Post Office in question rather then it’s Postal Box service address. Persons who rent P.O. Boxes also can include the names of authorized persons that are allowed to receive mail at that unit’s address, this can of course include your pen name, or alternatively your real name, the name of your spouse, or even sometimes anyone with the same last name as yourself (such as all your children).


For example, if John Smith had a rented P.O. Box in Vancouver’s main post office the normal mail address would be like this:


John Smith
P.O. Box #1234
Station “A”,
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3Z7


However, if he was trying to avoid letting others know that it was a P.O. Box he could address it like this, and it would still show up in his rented box:


John Smith
1234-349 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 3Z7


And if for example John Smith was receiving mail at the same building as the above in downtown Vancouver care of the Postmaster the mailing address would look like this.


General Delivery
c/o The Postmaster
349 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 3Z7


Using Cell Phones:


There are basically two types of cell phone services, those that require a contract, and ‘pay as you go‘. In my option pay as you go is the better service, and the main reason has to do with privacy. With pay as go cell phones, you can prepay for all services, the phones themselves have to purchased in full in advance. For this reason, no identification papers are required for the purchase as you can buy these as a gift for your children, or friends. The activation cards, or chips can be also purchased separately and can be used on any phone from the same pay as you go service. There is no problem upon hooking up a service with your pay as go cell phone with using your pen name, and your P.O. Box.


At this point of these posts, you should have a registered pen name, a mailing address and a phone. The total cost of these items depends on where you set these up, and what services you have subscribed to.


(….. Continued in Part 3)