Ordinance Would Allow Residents of Colorado Town to Shoot Down Drones

Deer Trail, Colorado, is said to be the place where the world’s first rodeo was held, and it may add another historical first in the near future. The small town of 600 is considering grant hunting licenses to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones. The ordinance was considered on by the town board on August 6, but no consensus was reached. The measure is now in the hands of voters, who will decide in November whether to legalize the practice. The law would allow residents to buy the $25 hunting license and offer a $100 bounty to anyone who can produce the tail and fuselage of a downed drone. Continue reading


ATV A Great Vehicle For The Doomsday Compound

Once you get really serious about survival prepping, you’ll realize that an underground shelter in your yard is great for emergencies, but it’s not good enough for the long run. Survival experts agree that for the ultimate in safety and security in the long term, you have to secure your own piece of land. The best “Bug-Out Locations,” or BOLs, are far from cities, have natural running water and few points of access. They also include enough room for a large number of activities. Continue reading


How To Take Your Car From Everyday Ride To Bugout Vehicle

When everything hits the fan and you’ve got to bug out, the average family car just isn’t going to make it. A bugout vehicle has some specialized features that will help transport you and your family securely through emergency situations. During the Katrina evacuation, the National Academy of Engineering reports that significant traffic jams occurred as far away as Shreveport, 300 miles from New Orleans. Unless you’ve got very early warning, you’re going to hit massive traffic problems when you evacuate. The ability to drive off road and get through traffic jams could be the key to reaching your shelter safely. Continue reading

A smart gun by Armatix is pictured at the Armatix headquarters in Munich May 14, 2014. The gun is implanted with an electronic chip that allows it to be fired only if the shooter is wearing a watch that communicates with it through a radio signal. If the gun is moved more than 10 inches (25 cm) from the watch, it will not fire. A Maryland gun shop owner has dropped his plan to be the first in the United States to sell the so-called "smart gun" after a backlash that included death threats.     REUTERS/Michael Dalder       (GERMANY - Tags: CRIME LAW POLITICS SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS) - RTR3P2S9

Weapons Manufacturers Set Their Sites On Smart Guns

Long-range hunters put in years of practice to learn and refine their skills. It takes proper form, a comprehensive understanding of the environment and steady hands. A recently released “smart rifle” may eliminate the need for these skills and the time it takes to develop them. The TrackingPoint rifle features target-locking technology that automatically fires on a target at just the right moment. An advanced scope houses a ballistic computer that does most of the work for hunters. Continue reading


Prepping Get A Boat ASAP

An episode of National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers” in 2012 featured SJX Boats that were dubbed the ultimate bug-out vehicle. Craig, an Alaskan prepper, built his bug-out dome in a place that is only accessible by boat. The show also featured a Hawaiian prepper who has a boat in case he and his wife are forced from their mountain refuge by flood waters. Continue reading


Prepping For Emergencies Why Leave Luxuries Behind

1960's Nuclear BunkersWhile 1960s parents were serious about their anti-nuke bunkers, many Baby Boomers fondly remember playing in their parents’ fallout shelters. They were built in split level crawl spaces or Midwest tornado shelters, and few of them were comfortable enough to live in for more than a day or two. One typical plan from that era, according to Wardomatic, recommends a room about the size of a small bedroom that somehow includes cooking, eating, sleeping, and recreational spaces. Today’s emergency preppers are smarter and more realistic when it comes to planning shelter for weeks and months on end. Spacious and well-stocked, today’s emergency bunker can be as comfortable as the family home. Continue reading


Jobs In Hard Times

I’ve been sitting here today thinking about getting more work. I currently do house painting, trying desperately to avoid working as an information broker. Although as an information broker I make more money per job, the recession has put those projects to few and far between, I’d make more money working at McBarfs in Alberta.

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