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I have a simple bookmarking system that I use in my browser. It’s set up so that those links are stored in the database for my blog, and then shared via Twitter.

Generally speaking most of the bookmarks are related to preppers, privacy, and encryption. But just about anything that I bookmark on the laptop ends up there. The least clicked on links show up in the sidebar widget, and I’ll add some stats here on this page in the near future, as I am currently still updating the new blog. (Yes this is after I decided to re-start the entire blog from scratch). – wolfe

UPDATE: Oct 2016

I have added a host of new prepper related bookmarks, if your site is missing, the easy way for you to get me to add it is to send me a private message on twitter (@wolfeblog). I might ignore email requests for additions, but if I am already on twitter it’s just a couple of click for me to add it.

Prepperbot can now access my bookmarks directly. This means that any site here will now be index in my search page, not just the bookmark link, but the site itself. The advantage for me is for when I am writing a new blog post I can quickly check all the other prepper sites on the topic to see if they have fully covered the topic, and then just include them at the footer at my new post for further reading. End result, the best full resource for preppers. – wolfe

Update Feb 2017:

This page will be redirecting to the new system as soon as some tweaks are finished. You can peek at it now if you want here.

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